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Tax Boot Camps

3 Experience Levels — 40 CPE

Given the complex nature of taxes, it’s no secret why people need tax advice. And in a perennial cycle of new rules, new exemptions, new clauses, it’s up to you as a tax practitioner to stay up to date and boost your firm’s advantage in a very competitive marketplace.

The AICPA Tax Boot Camps will help you and your firm do just that. Whether you’re a junior staff member needing exposure in tax or you’re looking to deepen your current skill set, the sessions will deliver highly focused training for your experience level. Join our respected tax instructors and get ready to dig in!

Whether you need to gain new skills or update existing knowledge, these weekly programs are designed with flexibility in mind. Choose the dates that best suits your training needs — each provides a year’s worth of in-depth training and know-how.

Due to the current environment, all in-person workshops are being rescheduled. New workshop dates will be made available shortly.

Level 1

For Entry Level Staff

Date Location
Level 2

For Tax Staff with 2 to 4 Years of Experience

Date Location
Level 3

For Firm Leaders

Date Location
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