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Tax Section Member Discounts

Tax Section Member Savings
Online CourseOn-Site CoursesConferences
$50 savings on purchase of the course bundle$50 savings on purchase of the course bundle

Additional group discount applies

$100 savings on tax conferences


The Tax Section is the home for CPA tax professionals seeking the edge they need to achieve success for themselves and their clients.

There’s no better way to stay connected and informed on topics that matter to your tax practice. Plus, as a Tax Section member, you’ll get access to member-only tools and resources such as the Annual Compliance Kit or Tax Identity Theft Toolkit, and a complementary subscription to The Tax Adviser magazine.

Informed by a deep understanding of the needs of CPAs, the AICPA Tax Section’s knowledge of legislative and regulatory measures and developments in practice management drive the creation of essential tools, resources and guidance not available elsewhere. Tax Section members find exclusive support in our practice tools, timely news and guidance in implementing best practices.

Tax Section membership keeps CPA tax practitioners ahead of trends in tax, and is a strategic advantage in demonstrating their value as the most trusted providers of professional tax services.

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